Value of Financial Protection Advice

Value of Financial Protection Advice


Do I need a Financial Protection Adviser?

Do I need financial protection advice, or do I just do it all myself? That is the age-old question that is firmly seeded in the mind of many people up and down the UK, when considering financial protection. Perhaps, as we adapt to the societal changes that COVID-19 has imposed upon us, this question is even more pertinent.

In a period where human bonds and relationships are more keenly appreciated than ever, a good Financial Protection Adviser will offer you an unrivalled, simple, and long-lasting professional relationship; seeking to navigate you through life’s tricky – and not so tricky – waters.

The true value of excellent and longstanding financial protection advice is life-changing: from ensuring your child has the best possible start in life to making sure your family doesn’t suffer if you unexpectedly can’t work, a Financial Protection Adviser should be with you through life. But first, what does a Financial Protection Adviser actually do?

What does a Financial Protection Adviser do?

A Financial Protection Adviser should offer tailored financial protection advice that is designed to ensure that, whatever life has in store for you, you and your family are financially protected. Financial Protection Advisers can help you obtain peace of mind, confidence and control over your protection insurance policies and cover. This includes accident cover and income protection, life and critical illness cover, home insurance, private medical insurance and more. 

Financial Protection Advisers working with us work with a range of leading insurance providers.  They will help ensure you have cover that’s right for you and your circumstances and will be there to help you adapt these as your life changes. For example, if you have children, you may need life cover.  If you buy a new home, you may require mortgage protection and home insurance cover.

At Owl Financial, our specially trained advisers believe that no individual’s circumstances are the same. Therefore, we truly believe in developing a personal and bespoke attitude to protection insurance. Our approach is that protection insurance and financial security should be considered essential, especially if you have a family or people that rely on your income.

‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ – often, it’s the case that people aren’t aware about the cover available to ensure they are better financially protected – and how affordable solutions can be.

How can a Financial Protection Adviser help me?

When people consider taking out various policies, the main conundrum is deciding whether you need a professional with expertise and experience in the field, or not. There is often temptation to go ‘DIY’ with your protection policies, but this could lead to issues. We can help by:

  • Ensuring your policy approach goes beyond chance and Googling. Often the biggest risk when going ‘DIY’ with your policies is you don’t know what you don’t know! Using search engines and chance only goes so far, leaving you potentially missing out key details and options.

  • Offering extensive levels of time, expertise, and care. Undergoing the research to find the best policies for you and your family takes a lot of time and knowledge. After all, you’re not insuring your phone or TV; protection policies are life-changing for you and your loved ones and we’re on hand to make sure you get these policies right.

  • Building lifelong relationships. Life doesn’t move in a straight line, nor can we predict the future. However, we build lasting relationships with our clients - growing as they grow, changing as they change. We get to know you and your circumstances, meaning we are a constant and reassuring presence when it comes to protection advice throughout the various life stages.

This include supporting and guiding you through the process should you need to make a claim. At Owl, we think that time is a precious element – we spend our time advising and helping you with your protection policies, so you get more time to enjoy your life free of worry.

Things to consider when choosing your Financial Protection Adviser

Like many things in life, personal recommendations and word of mouth go a long way in making sure you find the right fit for you. One of the main things to consider when looking for a Financial Protection Adviser is the adviser themselves, and the initial rapport you have with them; this will go a long way in ensuring you develop a lasting relationship that works for you. Aside from this, consider:

  • Are they part of a reputable, well respected business that can be trusted?

  • An adviser’s desire to be personal, rather than product driven. Advisers are most valuable when they understand you and your circumstances, not just the products offered. Are they friendly, approachable, and flexible – e.g. happy to meet when suits you? 

  • The level of availability and service offered. The best advisers are always on hand to help and guide you, without being an intrusive or pushy.

Owl Financial are a trading style of Openwork, one of the UK’s largest networks of financial advisers. Each year, we help thousands of households across the UK and pride ourselves on being with you through life. Our advisers are trained to a high standard and the quality of the advice we provide is constantly assessed.

If you need financial protection advice, contact us here.