The Difference a Few Pounds Can Really Make

The Difference a Few Pounds Can Really Make


It’s often hard to remember what pre-pandemic life was like, when media coverage was centred around Harry and Meghan stepping back from Royal duties, the impeachment of President Trump and, of course, the big B word… Brexit.

Coronavirus put a quick stop to all news Brexit-related (or anything else for that matter), when it seemed like this would eternally dominate our headlines.

Don’t panic

In March last year, it’s safe to say that we all felt like we were entering an apocalypse, with supermarkets running out of everyday essentials for the first time in many of our lives. The British public scrambled to stock up every household cupboard, with our supermarket aisles turning into a battlefield for the last scrap of toilet paper. British retailers had no option but to issue a joint letter asking consumers not to panic buy, as it meant many of those in need were having to go without essential items. But, of course, we did the opposite - we continued to panic buy.

In the middle of this newfound madness and rising economic concern, we were reminded that basics and luxuries can be really important to our quality of life, and that we were willing to spend money without a second thought.

And that’s the thing isn’t it; people spend money for a surprisingly small number of reasons. Clearly, we need to meet our basic needs, and we spend to solve a problem. Maybe one that exists, or one that has the potential to exist.

Which is where our world of protection fits in.

The need to protect income

Typically, protection has been necessary for a client to solve a problem that does not yet exist. However, this last year has taught us that human life is extremely fragile - we cannot take our family and social lives, our economic stability and our jobs for granted. We can’t rely on luck, or a good feeling, to protect us through life anymore… it’s more complex than that.

We all feel a little more vulnerable than ever before, as our health and financial security is given centre spotlight. As UK headlines have been saturated with COVID-19 stories over the last year and a half, we’ve noticed an increasing number of households considering their financial protection needs – including accident and sickness protection and life cover.

A low-cost solution that makes a difference

As clients realised that spending a few extra pounds per week on household essentials wouldn’t break the bank, they’ve come to understand the value of spending the same amount on having sufficient financial protection. Plus, having this in place also helps many clients to sleep better at night - knowing that they don’t need to worry about the financial vulnerability of their families.

For us, it’s personal.

At Owl, we care about you. Our customers are our top priority - we think that it’s important that you are given the time to ask as many questions as you need, in order to feel comfortably reassured that a policy is the right fit for you. It’s just part of the service. We know how important it is to have cover that is tailored to your personal circumstances, so we’re here to listen and talk you through your best options. Your Adviser will be available for support whenever you need it, throughout your whole financial journey.

We’re here to help.  We’re with you through life.

With you through life®