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Finance affects every facet of our lives-it's our foundation-but too many lack the basic financial know-how to safeguard themselves and ensure a stable future for their families.

A recent survey carried out by Shepherds Friendly about ISAs, investing, and personal finance in the UK, discovered that nearly three-quarters of people face challenges with basic financial awareness. Only 27% of respondents managed to get half or more of the quiz questions right.

Given that many people in the UK are scoring below average when it comes to financial awareness, we have compiled a set of guides spotlighting five key pillars: earning, saving and investing, protecting, spending, and borrowing.

This page is loaded with handy tips on managing money wisely and building a more stable financial future.

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Protect Guides

Critical Illness Guide
How Critical Illness Cover and Life Insurance Work to Provide Financial Security

Financial Security Guide
How to Protect Your Income and Create a Plan For Financial Security

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Borrow Guides

Credit Scores
Guide A Guide to Credit Scores: What Could Affect Your Credit Score and Things You Can Do to Improve It

Mortgage Guide
A Quick Guide to Getting a Mortgage and Buying Your New Home

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Spend Guides

Inflation Guide
How Does Inflation Affect The Spending Power of Your Money?

Control Guide
How to Be More Mindful About How You Spend and Take Back Control