Income & Accident Protection

Accident Protection

If you could predict the future, you could plan ahead and make life a little bit easier. Unfortunately, we all know life isn’t like that.

Whilst you can try to reduce the chance of being involved in an accident, there is no way of eliminating the risk entirely. What would you and your family do if an accident prevented you from working? Worse still, how would your family cope financially if this resulted in permanent disability?

Accident Protection is specifically designed to give you financial protection by providing a cash lump sum if you were to suffer from a specified accidental injury.

At Owl Financial we offer advice on Accident Protection with added features such as child cover for an extra £1 per month. 

Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance pays out a regular monthly income if you become unable to work because of accident or sickness.

It could help you keep up with your rent or mortgage repayment, essential bills and other living costs until you’re able to return to work (subject to policy type taken).

Policies typically have a waiting period before they pay out, which begins when you become unable to work. The longer the period chosen, the lower your premium. It’s a good idea to find out what your employer would pay you, and what state benefits might be available so you can choose an appropriate waiting period.

The premium you’ll pay will vary depending on your age, health and the level of income you wish to protect.

Life and Protection Insurance Explained

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