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We all hear news of a friend or a relative who

  • is off work for a few months, or
  • has been diagnosed with a serious illness, or
  • has unexpectedly died.

It's shocking and all the more difficult to imagine it happening to us.

What are your chances? Are you prepared?

Enter just a few personal details to see the Protection Calculator results for you.

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Protection Video - Mike & Michelle's Story

Mike & Michelle's Story illustrates just how important Income Protection is - it can give financial security and peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

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Summer Newsletter

In this issue, you’ll find articles on…

  • Little things can be life-changing
  • 3 useful ways to manage your finances and boost your financial wellbeing
  • How financial protection advice adds more value to your life than you may realise
  • Do others rely on your income?
  • Health & wellbeing

We are passionate about helping customers benefit from added peace of mind by arranging cover, such as the invaluable policy you have in place.

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Personal and Family Protection Guide

Use our digital brochure to guide you through the personal and family protection policies that can offer valuable peace of mind. 

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