Staying Protected in Winter: How to Ensure You're Covered in Cold Weather

Staying Protected in Winter: How to Ensure You're Covered in Cold Weather


With winter here, it’s important to make sure you, and your home, are prepared for the colder months, which bring with them unique challenges and risks. Here, we’ll walk you through a checklist of some things you should consider in the weeks to come.

Home Insurance

Whilst many home insurance policies cover damage to your home and its contents caused by events such as storms, and burst or frozen pipes, some policies don’t cover for damage as a result of frost, or the cost of fixing or replacing a broken boiler. Be sure to review your policy before entering the colder months to make sure that you have adequate cover and are well prepared in case of an emergency.

Preventive Measures

Preparing for cold weather with small maintenance jobs can avoid expensive repairs; whilst keeping your property in good repair isn’t always the most exciting of tasks, putting this on your priority list could save you a huge amount of money in the long run.

Frozen Pipes

During the colder months, the pipes in your home are at greater risk of freezing or bursting. There are some key measures you can take to protect against this – for example, by ensuring your home is well insulated (you’ll save money on heating bills too!) and by keeping your heating on a low setting instead of switching it off completely.

Check Heating System

It’s important to get your boiler serviced yearly to make sure it’s in working order – before the winter sets in is usually a good time to schedule this, to ensure you’ve time to make any repairs if necessary. Throughout the year, including during the summer months, test turn-ons, checking radiators and checking boiler pressure are all simple maintenance tasks you could carry out easily without a professional.

Clear Gutters and Drains

Whilst not a job that’s high on our list of fun DIY activities, it’s worth cleaning out gutters a couple of times a year to avoid problems with water infiltration, such as blockages and leaks. Especially during periods of intense rain and storms, blockages from leaves and vegetation are both important causes of overflowing gutters and downpipes. Unchecked blocked pipes can cause water to enter your home - keeping them routinely cleared of debris can greatly aid in avoiding any flood.

Talk to Us

Before winter hits is the perfect time to reassess insurance cover you have in place to make sure you have adequate cover to do what you would like it to do.  At Owl Financial, our expert Protection Advisers are here to help.  Contact your dedicated Adviser today or click here to ‘Find an Adviser’.


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